Buyer’s Rep

Buyer’s Representative

Next to a home – Purchasing a vehicle is the second most Expensive investment a person will make in their lifetime. When purchasing a home – a buyer will use a team of experts, of Professional Representation (realtor, banker, inspector, attorney).

Why take these steps to purchase a vehicle without Professional Representation?


Menu of Choices

Your absolute worst enemy – when buying a Vehicle. This is Huge investment and the last thing you want is to Make a Decision based on Emotions.

Yes it’s shiny – drives well – has you feeling great. Price? Does it Fit the family? – These questions are logical – and need to be answered with logic. You can go to the dealerships – drive the vehicles – find the right one. Then Call ME. I will use the Logic to make sure this is the right fit for you and your family.

Time – Energy

2(two) things we usually won’t think about when buying a Vehicle.
Average time in a Dealership – 4.5 HOURS
WHY? ___________________________(fill in the Blank)

  • Meet & Greet
  • Test Drive
  • Trade Appraisal
  • Qualifying
  • Paper Work

WHEN? – Weekends & Work days @ 9(nine) till 5(five)
Your most Precious time

As a way to mitigate the Automotive Purchasing Process –
Let me get back your Time & Energy – Too Give to You


Making Your Life Easier…
What do you see yourself driving?
What would be your ideal Vehicle?

It is out there..
Everyday – there are over 10,000 vehicles for sale within driving distance of Southeastern Wyoming..

Many BIG Corporate lots to small community ones
Plus all the Private offers in between

Leave the searching and sifting up to ME.
In doing so – That will afford you more Time and Energy
To do the Things that are important to YOU…


Our program allows you to continue your life’s schedule without interruption – from family, work, or play.

A simple phone call/email will implement the process of finding you that vehicle that will fit all your needs/wants and budget.

An Added bonus – The transparency that you are getting the BEST deal.
I will guarantee you will get the best price possible.

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