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3rd Party Verification:
When purchasing a USED vehicle – It is STRONGLY recommended to get a 3rd party mechanic verification that the vehicle is ready for you to buy.
This will relieve both you and the seller of the unexpected surprises that come with buying a new car.

Buying a vehicle is by far one of the Most Emotional episodes you will go through next to buying your first home.
And – it is the one of those times where you need to be thinking as clearly as possible to make sure that all goes well.
How do you think clearly – by getting all the emotion out of the Car Deal.
Shinny, pretty, buttons, WiFi, Leather, heated/cooled seats. O and Its on SALE.
I want it all…..
What are you to do?

  1. Trust your feelings – This gets tuff.
  2. Trust your dealership – They want you to be emotional.
  3. Trust the person that can step in and remove all emotion.

Number 3 – Is a non traditional thing to do. But it will save you Time, Money, and Piece of MIND..  Just give it a little thought w/out the emotion.

A professional Automotive Deal Negotiator will take %80 of the stress out of purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle. A professional negotiator will do the following –

  •  Homework: He will understand how the process of purchasing a vehicle works. For every deal there is a number of different styles & practices that will present themselves.
  • Rebates: What are ALL the incentives you are eligible for. Are there additional rebates the dealership is offering through special sales promotions.
  • Trim Levels & Options: SLT, Laramie, Lariat, Duramax, Leather, Heated, SLE, King Ranch, Tradesman, Eco Diesel, Eco Boost, & +++.
  • Emotion: The vehicle buying experience will bring out every single emotion in you. Happy, Sad, Mad, Angry, Disappointed, Frustrated – All within a 3-5 hour window to purchase your vehicle.

Trade Value:
Determining trade value is a critical step in working through the process of purchasing a vehicle. There are several key factors that go into determining the trade value.

  • Retail Value – Look at the dealership where you are trading your vehicle in at. What does their inventory consist of. If it is SUVs and 4X4s then the value of the small compact vehicle will be much less. Usually vehicles that are in high demand in that area will get the best trade value.
  • Location – The demographics of where you are in retrospect to the type of vehicle you are trading in is directly connected. Large metropolitan area with limited adverse weather will value trades that are small, efficient, & front wheel drive much higher then areas that are rural with snow.
  • Condition – Step back and take a good look at your vehicle. Take the Emotion out of it. Yes you and this vehicle have shared so much together and you have an “emotional connection” to it. Each ding, dent, scratch, and stain is a deduction in the value of your vehicle.
  • Wholesale Value – Your vehicle will have a base “Wholesale Value” placed on it. The wholesale value is the price a dealership can determine by investigating the price that your vehicle will get at auctions in your region. These auctions are Dealer Only where as only dealers can go and purchase or sell vehicles. From that base value deductions such as cleaning, repairing, transportation & location will be deducted. In addition Risk.
  • Risk – Every trade the dealership takes in has Risk. Risk that it will not sell (wrong color, make, model) in the area. Risk by far is one of the biggest factors in determining the Trade Value of your vehicle. Every day a vehicle sits on a lot – the risk grows that this vehicle will not move.

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