In understanding that you want to get the best value for the vehicle that you possibly can – Consigning your vehicle is the best way to go.

Do you have the time, energy, patients, and marketing skills to get the best price possible for your vehicle?

Does advertising on Craigslist – meeting strangers to work out a deal on your vehicle, making sure the check clears and that the paperwork is done correctly sound good for you?

Its that simple – You will get your vehicle sold.

Consignment Form PDF


You have a knack for buying Vehicles?
– But lack the means to sell them. (Marketing/Space)
Looking for alternatives for Investing your Money?
– But still want to maintain your full time career.

Where else can you take $10,000 and turn it over
3, 5, 12 Times a year – Each time making $300 – $800 a turn,
And all you have to do is

  • Find High Quality used vehicles
  • Under 100,000 (+/-) Miles
  • That have no Body damage
  • Free, Clear, Clean Title

Where do you find these vehicles?

  • Friends, Family, Business Acquaintance,
  • BackYards, Parking Lots (Walmart)

Buy good Vehicles Right (Know the Retail/Wholesale price)
I will help with that.

Call Me – 307.331.0357

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