7 Motivations – to Consign that Vehicle

7 Motivations – to Consign that Vehicle…
That Vehicle… The one you have been meaning to get out, clean it up and get it GOING. Do you drive it? – Well, not as much as I used to. So, when I do want to drive it, the battery is dead, a tire is flat, or the gas has gone bad and it runs

1.) Space – What could you put there instead? Or it will be the Catalyst to get the rest of the space organized and looking good.
2.) Depreciation – “The vehicle is worth – what it is worth today”. Rust/Time takes a negative effect on the value of most metal things.
3.) Repair – Not driving it – does not matter. The vehicle will continue to need parts repaired/replaced. Hoses, Gas Tanks, Belts, Tires, Seals, and Fluids. All will continue to go bad.
4.) Insurance – Even if you are not driving it – It gets dinged – it will need fixed and that deductible kicks in.
5.) Money/Cash – Ready for the next project, Home Improvements, College, Vacation, and Retirement.
6.) Moving In/Out – Logistics for getting that vehicle from one place to another. Or what to do with that vehicle once you are moved.
7.) The “One of these days Trap” – We all do it. One of these days, It will be on the road again.

Simplify the Process – Today there are a number of ways to sell your vehicle. Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram, local newspaper, asking a dealership to buy it, regional classifieds, and specialty magazines – all with their emails, phone calls, friend requests, text messages, – surprise visits -, from low ballers, data diggers, scam artists, drama specialists, and nosy neighbors. Don’t forget the Banks and Title paperwork (very important).

Or Consign Your Vehicle

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