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Emotion -#1 Worst Enemy

Buying a vehicle is by far one of the Most Emotional episodes you will go through next to buying your first home.
And – it is the one of those times where you need to be thinking as clearly as possible to make sure that all goes well.
How do you think clearly – by getting all the emotion out of the Car Deal.
Shinny, pretty, buttons, WiFi, Leather, heated/cooled seats. O and Its on SALE.
I want it all…..
What are you to do?

  1. Trust your feelings – This gets tuff.
  2. Trust your dealership – They want you to be emotional.
  3. Trust the person that can step in and remove all emotion.

Number 3 – Is a non traditional thing to do. But it will save you Time, Money, and Piece of MIND..  Just give it a little thought w/out the emotion.

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